My Favorite Go-To Meals

As much as I love to cook, there are days when I just don’t feel like it. I have a few meals that I make often because they’re both yummy and quick to prepare. Here are my favorites:

1. Amy’s Cheese Pizza

This is on the top of the list because it’s by far the easiest to prepare (…it’s a frozen pizza…) I love Amy’s natural and organic foods. They have a bunch of different burritos, soups, and microwave meals, but my favorite is the cheese pizza. Sometimes when I’m feeling particularly daring (and haven’t had a whole bunch of dairy lately), I add more cheese. I love cheese. And I love this pizza.


Visit for info on their products.

2. Egg Burritos

If there’s one thing I love more than pizza, it’s burritos. Really, I love all Mexican food. Egg burritos are a quick go-to for me: scramble up an egg (with some pepper, chili powder, and oregano), spoon on some salsa, and wrap it up in a tortilla. At Trader Joe’s, there’s a pepper trio that comes pre-sliced in the freezer section. We almost always have these on hand, so I usually add these to the eggs. If I need some more protein that day, I add some black beans, too, which I always have in the pantry. I can eat these burritos any time of day, and I usually do.

3. “Stir Fry”

It’s not really stir fry, but it is rice or pasta with some veggies mixed in. I boil up some egg noodles or rice, sauté some veggies with olive oil, stir it all together, and dig in. I just tried these no-yolk egg noodles that were really good. My favorite veggies to use for this are Cascadian Farm Organic Veggie Medley (peas, carrots, and corn) and some garlic. Frozen is easy, and they sauté up quick. Add some pepper and a dash of cayenne for a nice kick.

(Sometimes I add the frozen veggies to Annie’s mac & cheese. I obviously prefer the Arthur-shaped noodles, but all of Annie’s is pretty good, especially when you get them $10/10.)


And I say HEY! what a wonderful kind of day!

4. Grilled Cheese

Did I mention I love cheese? Especially melty cheese. My favorite grilled cheese is with Jarlsberg (mainly for the taste but also mainly so I can make “The Devil Wears Prada” references). Back when I ate meat, grinders were my go-to comfort food. As a vegetarian, all of my sandwiches are really just glorified cheese sandwiches. When I’m feeling fancy, I’ll add roasted red peppers, bean sprouts, or yummy spreads. But for a simple, quick sandwich, all I need is some cheese, bread, and a griddle. Yum.

What’s your favorite go-to meal?


6 thoughts on “My Favorite Go-To Meals

    • Your scrambled eggs are amazing! I’m excited to make that sandwich — I love his recipes AND cauliflower is on sale at my grocery store this week — BONUS!

  1. I am willing to give you my recipe. It was the first time I watched his show. You should browse Bobby Dean’s show too. He does some veggie friendly favorites.

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